In the Accreditation Self-Study, Planning and Logistics is listed second in the 9.0 series

9.2 Planning & Logistics: The knowledge, skills, and abilities to design, implement, and prepare outdoor expedition trips a minimum of 7 days long.

  • 9.2.1 Understanding of and ability to prepare an effective plan for group outings of seven or more days in a backcountry environment.
    Content to Consider: Defining and framing of trip outcomes, itinerary development, gathering of risk management resources, liability and permitting paperwork, finances, transportation, post-trip preparation
  • 9.2.3 Demonstration of ability to design and manage proper travel progressions.
    Content to Consider: Utilizing trip outcomes to develop appropriate skill and knowledge progression. Assessment of appropriate skill and knowledge of the leadership team.
  • 9.2.3 Understanding of and ability to adequately plan and package rations for a group of 5 or more for an outing of seven or more days in a backcountry environment.
    Content to Consider: Food costs, nutritional value and weight. Food purchasing, repackaging and preparing for resupply. Value of ration planning vs menu planning on extended trips.

Please note: The Curriculum Committee has included “Content to consider” after some general outcomes. This is provided to aid understanding of the outcome, but it does not constitute a list of content that a program must include to address the outcome.