Outdoor Leader

Outdoor Leaders are para-professional (sometimes professional) or hard core outdoor recreationalists. They 
lead groups in the outdoors on shorter, multi-day expeditions as a part of a controlled program. Examples may include scout groups, summer camps, church groups, and other similar activities.

What does the training program look like?

  • Outdoor Leaders have taken a WEA Outdoor Leader training course. The curriculum for this was developed by the WEA Curriculum Committee and was taught to by a Certified Outdoor Educator.  The course was about a week long.
  • This is a certificate program, not a certification program.

What can I do with this certificate in my hand?

  • Outdoor Leaders should feel comfortable taking people out on short multi-day trips in the outdoors as part of a controlled program, such as a summer camp, scout group, church camp, or other, similar program. 
  • Outdoor Leaders can also lead a WEA Enthusiast outreach seminar using WEA provided materials.

How am I assessed?

  • Outdoor Leaders are assessed on a daily basis by the Certified Outdoor Educator that is running my course. Further, at the end of the program, they are given a formal assessment by the course instructor which details strengths and areas to improve.
  • Because this is a certificate course, not a certification course, Outdoor Leaders don’t receive a formal certification.

What’s the next step in my professional development?        

  • Outdoor Leaders may be interested in becoming a Certified Outdoor Educator – if so, they can enroll in accredited Outdoor Educator training program. 
  • If they have sufficient outdoor and teaching experience, Outdoor Leaders can create an IROEL portfolio and be assessed by a CE without attending a Certified Outdoor Educator program, but this is rare.

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