IROEL – International Registry of Outdoor Educators and Leaders

altWhat is the International Registry of Outdoor Educators and Leaders?

The International Registry of Outdoor Educators and Leaders (IROEL) is an online registry of portfolios for current and future professionals in the outdoor leadership industry. The IROEL is the official forum for portfolio evaluation through institutions accredited by the WEA for the purpose of awarding Outdoor Educator Certification and/or Certifying Examiner status to individuals.

The Role and Value of IROEL

IROEL is designed to provide:

  • A place for individuals seeking Outdoor Educator Certification to develop their professional portfolios,
  • A forum for Accredited institutions to evaluate those student portfolios to validate Outdoor Educator Certification.
  • A streamlined method for Outdoor Educators to document Continuing Education Units to maintain their status.
  • A platform for documenting outdoor leadership field experiences and training,
  • A place for the WEA to manage the Outdoor Educator Certification and to monitor Accredited institutions for consistency in evaluation, and
  • A place for individuals in the registry to continue developing their professional portfolio and share those contents with outside organizations when seeking professional advancement or new opportunities.

There are many online portfolio services on the market, but none that provide the focused service to the outdoor leadership industry. This is the first step in creating a centralized location for validating outdoor educators and leaders across the country and beyond.

What are the levels in the IROEL?

There are several levels within the IROEL that an individual can achieve. The levels are described in described in detail in the Certification Manual.

  • Outdoor Educator
  • Certifying Examiner
  • Continuing Education

How can I Obtain a Portfolio in the IROEL?

The IROEL is open to any individual who wishes to develop an outdoor education portfolio. There are several avenues to obtaining your WEA IROEL membership and portfolio.

For educators or others signing up multiple IROEL accounts at once, please use the Blank IROEL Roster and send it to the national office.

On the WEA Website:

Individuals can apply for WEA IROEL Membership on the WEA website. IROEL membership is $30 per year. Once submitted, your application will be listed as ‘pending’ until approved by the National Office (w/in 2 business days). Upon approval by the National Office, your IROEL portfolio will be activated for a 12 month period.

Through a WEA Accredited organizational member:

WEA Accredited organizational members can submit a roster to the WEA National Office to have a group of individuals added to the IROEL at one time. If you are affiliated with a WEA Accredited organization, please contact your organization’s WEA representative to inquire about their next roster submission.