In the Accreditation Self Study, Education is listed sixth in the 9.0 Series

  • 9.6 Education: the ability to know and implement theories and practices of teaching, processing and transference.
  • 9.6.1 Demonstrates understanding of education theory and foundations.
    Content to Consider: Past and present contemporary educational theories such as constructivism, behaviorism, developmental theory, learning styles, multiple intelligences, experiential education, etc.
  • 9.6.2 Demonstrates a variety of effective teaching and learning strategies in both traditional and outdoor environments.
    Content to Consider: Teachable moments, grasshopper, jigsaw, formal presentations, SPEC, etc.
  • 9.6.3 Demonstrates knowledge of teaching and learning skills to plan educational strategies and progressions.
    Content to Consider: Outcome based lesson plan development, Bloom’s taxonomy, Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, teacher centered vs. student centered learning, etc.
  • 9.6.4 Demonstrates problem solving and critical thinking skills to understand instruction and learner achievement
    Content to Consider: Timing and placement of learning modules, transition management, progression development, student readiness, etc.
  • 9.6.5 Demonstrates understanding of appropriate educational assessment practices and procedures. Content to Consider: Use of formative, summative, objective, subjective, informal, formal, internal, and external assessment. Basis of comparison and development of field tools for assessment.

Please note: The Curriculum Committee has included “Content to consider” after some general outcomes. This is provided to aid understanding of the outcome, but does not constitute a list of content that a program must include to address the outcome.