Certifying Examiner (CE)

Certifying Examiners are educators, directors, and department leads for WEA affiliate organizations. Trained Certifying Examiners have a variety of responsibilities including:

  • Administration of WEA programs with their school or company along with maintaining  necessary documentation to uphold program accredited status.

  • Create, organize and evaluate processes to ensure programs meet WEA curriculum standards.

  • Review portfolios for Outdoor Educator program candidates. This includes reviewing portfolios in a professional and timely manner as well as assist students throughout the program certification process.


Certifying Examiners possess multiple years of skill within the field and experience with programs that provided structured training, assessment and evaluation. WEA trained Certifying Examiners have IROEL (International Registry of Outdoor Educators and Leaders) portfolios that demonstrates both their knowledge of the outdoors and skill as a developer of curriculum, lessons, and assessment/evaluation tools. Certifying Examiners have proven success with WEA 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, and, where relevant, 11.x standards.


WEA trained Certifying Examiners plan, develop and implement outdoor training programs within their organization. In addition to training and certifying other Outdoor Educators, Certifying Examiners create, organize and document the actions needed for students to achieve success as Outdoor Educations.


Certifying Examiners are assessed based on IROEL portfolio standards that includes samples of proven success in outdoor leadership and high-level program management. The portfolio is graded by WEA peers using a specific rubric. Certifying Examiners are given feedback to modify the portfolio to meet the WEA 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, and 11.x standards.


Continuing education for trained Certifying Examiners includes research-based education and outdoor initiatives within the community.

Certifying Examiners must maintain membership dues with the WEA and Continuing Education Credits necessary to maintain certification as laid out in the Certification Manual.