Certifying Examiners are educators, directors, and department leads for WEA Organization Members. These professionals have a variety of responsibilities including:

  • Administration of WEA organizational members along with maintaining the necessary documentation to uphold program accredited status.
  • Create, organize, and evaluate processes to ensure programs meet or exceed WEA accreditation standards.
  • Review Certified Outdoor Educator candidates. This includes reviewing portfolios in a professional and timely manner as well as assisting candidates throughout the certification process.



Certifying Examiners possess extensive field and curriculum experience with programs that provide training, assessment, and evaluation of outdoor leaders. CEs are required to maintain their online presence in the IROEL (International Registry of Outdoor Educators and Leaders). This is a portfolio that contains evidence of both their knowledge and skill in the outdoors and their expertise to develop curriculum, lessons, and assessment tools. 




The CE candidate's IROEL portfolio is assessed by current WEA Certifying Examiners. 



Continuing education for Certifying Examiners includes research-based education and outdoor initiatives within the community. Certifying Examiners must also maintain membership dues with the WEA and Continuing Education Credits necessary to maintain certification.


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