Board of Directors Function and Responsibility

The Board of Directors works closely with the WEA National Office to ensure that the operations of the association are in line with the mission and vision of the association. Board members are elected and serve a three-year term, meeting monthly via teleconference and twice annually in person at the International Conference on Outdoor Leadership and for a mid-year meeting. Board members may serve either on the Executive Committee or as a Committee Chair. These positions are determined within the elected Board of Directors. Board members play a crucial role in the association and are entrusted to provide direction and support of the mission and vision. The Board of Directors is always seeking highly motivated individuals who are willing to serve.    

Nominations and Election
In accordance with the bylaws, each year three seats on the Board are up for election by the general membership. All eligible candidates are encouraged to attend the National Conference and talk to current WEA members about the current state and future of the association. 

Candidate Eligibility
Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Fully paid membership.
  • Current active membership in the Wilderness Education Association.
  • At least 21 years old.
  • Supportive of the mission and vision of the association.
  • Agree to not use the association to pursue commercial objectives.

Read the job description here.

Eligibility to serve as a Board member shall be determined by the current Board of Directors by majority vote. Ineligible candidate’s names will be stricken from the ballot. 

Candidate Document Submission
Candidate information must be submitted to the Elections committee chair no later than May 1st in the given year. The following documents (in Word or PDF format) will be made available to the membership on the WEA website and are required for candidacy consideration

  • Position Statement/Letter of Intent: A one page statement expressing desire to run, qualifications, aspirations and intent as a potential WEA Board Member (MS Word Format)
  • Current Resume
  • Digital Photograph

The slate of candidates will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval by electronic vote.  

Open Seats and Elections
All seats are for general membership of the Board and full three-year terms. Active members of the WEA will vote among the nominees during the online election. The individuals receiving the highest votes will be named to the Board of Directors. All seats up for election will be eligible for Executive Committee and Committee Chair positions on the Board. 

The term for each of the positions will commence in June at the annual Board of Directors meeting immediately following the elections. All individuals who hold current WEA memberships during the election period are encouraged to vote for these important positions. 

Application Process

If you have questions please contact the National Office.