2017 International Conference on Outdoor Leadership
Presentation Proposals Now Being Accepted

The Wilderness Education Association is making calls for presentation proposals in the following areas for the 2017 International Conference on Outdoor Leadership:

Paul Talks (16 minutes)
General Educational Sessions (60 minutes) 
Student-Led Presentations (20 minutes)

Field-Based Sessions (30-45 minutes outdoors)
Outdoor Leadership Research Symposium (OLRS) (20 minutes)

Please contact WEA National Office to inquire about an opening.



Paul Talks (16 minutes)
“Paul Talks” is a new addition to our pallet of presentation formats.  These talks take a page from the popular and now prevalent short-form presentations or “talks”. The goal of these talks is to challenge the audience and the presenter. With only 16 minutes to convey a message, demonstrate a skill or start a dialogue, presenters will have to be well-prepared and prioritize material. We encourage speakers to present the way they talk and abandon the formality and language of other presentations. Be honest, share emotion, and avoid a written script. Engagement from the audience is key as ultimately, these talks should generate conversations about our organization, our field, our citizenry, and the future of outdoor education and leadership.  

General Educational Sessions (60 minutes)    
These are the traditional presentations that we all know and love.  These presentations typically center on WEA’s educational components and can include techniques for the delivery of the WEA curriculum, innovative programming, problem solving of current issues in the field, application of effective pedagogical and assessment practices.  Choose the best presentation design for your topic - lecture, panels and discussion groups.  

Student-Led Presentations (20 minutes)
These presentations are perfect for undergraduate students ready to tip their hat in the planning and delivery of professional presentations.  Share existing knowledge or become an expert and benefit your fellow students and conference attendees. Past topics have included commentary from field experiences, techniques of delivery of the WEA curriculum, innovative programming, and topics on review of historical events and individuals.

Field-Based Sessions (30-45 minutes outdoors)   
Many of our members and conference attendees often teach/facilitate/lecture outside of a classroom and in field-based settings. Why not at the conference as well?  These sessions are intended to share the same goals as the general education sessions, but will occur in the field so plan accordingly. These sessions might specifically serve as an outlet to share techniques on how you deliver topics from the WEA curriculum in the field.  Like any other field-based setting, you will need to transport any of the materials you need for your session and there will not be AV equipment available.  

Outdoor Leadership Research Symposium (OLRS) (20 minutes)
OLRS is intended to provide a forum for practitioners and scholars to share recent and ongoing research related to outdoor leadership.  The goal of this symposium is to share results from scholarship for the development of evidence-based practice in the field of outdoor leadership.  Submissions will be blind peer-reviewed and evaluated according to their relevance to the field of outdoor leadership as well as the basic quality of the research conducted.  Presenters will have 15 minutes to present their research, followed by five minutes of questions.  Researchers who would like to present research for a longer period are encouraged to submit a proposal for a General Education session.

OLRS eligibility of proposals:
1. Only research from studies that have not been previously published or presented should be submitted.
2. Only research from studies that are completed or near completion should be submitted. A full report of findings and conclusions are expected at the presentation and in the published abstract.
3. Authors of accepted proposals must register for the conference by the early registration deadline.  Any presenter who fails to do so will be eliminated from the research symposium. Please do not submit an abstract unless you are committed to attending the symposium.

OLRS submission guidelines:
1. Abstracts should be no more than two pages in length, using Times New Roman 12 point font, one inch margins (top, bottom, and sides), and single spacing.
2. Abstracts should follow standard formatting for journal articles: Background (which includes the introduction, review of literature, and statement of hypotheses/research questions), Methods (which includes a description of site, sample, instrument, procedures, and analysis), Results, Discussion, and References (which may be listed on a third page).  Conceptual articles may use alternative headings.
3. Abstracts should be written and formatted according to the guidelines of the APA Publication Manual (6th Edition).
4. A cover page should be included providing the following information: abstract title, names and affiliations of all authors, and contact information (including phone and email) of the principal author.
5. Documents should be saved in Microsoft Word format.
6. Abstracts that do not adhere to these guidelines may be rejected without further review.
7. Abstracts and Presentation Form should be submitted to [email protected] by Tuesday, August 1, 2017. “OLRS Abstract” should be written in the email subject line.

Questions regarding any of the presentation formats should be addressed to [email protected].